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The Ballot Question Explained


​​The ballot question is highly misleading:

  • Using a single question for all the proposed revisions means that your vote is all or nothing, removing your ability to choose amongst the changes.

  • Sections in the ballot question do not align with the referenced charter revision.

  • These tactics are deliberate, making it impossible for voters to understand the consequences of each proposed revision. 

The question as it appears on your ballot will read:

"Shall the Charter be revised to clarify and make it easier for the public to understand, have access to and hold more accountable Stamford's government by the following: (a) create more opportunities for the public to participate in government; (b) clarify, define and make more understandable certain common terms in the charter; (c) require clear reporting and accountability for legislative, legal and fiscal matters; (d) include recognition of diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”) as an important goal for the City; (e) end the practice of allowing members of decision-making boards and commissions to remain in office beyond the expiration of their term; (f) clarify the requirement that certain appointed executive officials live in Stamford, subject to a waiver provision; (g) allow the Board of Representatives to obtain legal services, as necessary, as do other local legislative bodies in Connecticut (h) create new charter boards and commissions to promote the goals of the Americans with Disabilities Act/DEI, mental health, housing and harbor management; and, (i) reorganize the budget process to permit residents to voice their opinions and concerns in a pre-budget public hearing, require publication of a budget calendar and ensure compliance with state law?"

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