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Who We Are


Stamford for Fair Government is a bipartisan group of concerned citizens mounting a campaign against the charter revisions which will be on the ballot this November 7th. 

A Growing List of Community Leaders, Religious Leaders, Elected and Appointed Officials and Everyday Citizens Are Standing Up to Say Vote No:


Stamford For Fair Government Chairman; former Chair of the Board of Finance

"People are coming together from across Stamford and across party lines because this ballot question,
while it may look simple, is anything but. If passed, it will make our city government more costly to operate, more bureaucratic, and unnecessarily complex and inefficient. We are confident that when people learn of the long-term effects of these proposed changes on their lives and pocketbooks, they will see that the only choice for safeguarding themselves, their families, and their city is to
vote no.


Former Democratic Mayor

"As a former Mayor, I have a unique perspective on how our City government should work. I am left with grave concerns after reviewing the proposed Charter changes - many of which are not at all reflected in the misleading ballot question. I am troubled that the Board of Representatives have broken with past precedent by including all charter changes in a single ballot question and are rushing a vote forward in a lower turnout election year. Of the proposed changes, there are hundreds of changes that aren't needed, do not make sense, or are simply bad. If passed, the result will be fewer checks and balances and increased dysfunction within our City government, as well as wasteful spending. I urge voters to vote no on November 7th."


Community Advocate

“Revisions to our city’s Charter—the constitution by which our city is governed and functions on behalf of its citizens, is a serious undertaking. Proposed charter changes often have a dramatic impact on city operations and costs, and in this instance, the magnitude of changes is not fully reflected in the ballot question. I am disappointed by this egregious lack of transparency, and the lack of public outreach and opportunity for the people of Stamford to understand the proposed changes and have the time to thoughtfully consider them before they vote. I am voting no and urge others to do so too.


2011 Stamford Citizen of the Year

“As a native son of Stamford, I’ve watched our city repeatedly re-invent itself, always moving forward. Sure, we’ve had problems, but up until now we’ve faced them in a positive, constructive way. However, today there are forces that have highjacked and manipulated the Charter Revision process for self-serving reasons. If these Charter proposals are approved, it will mean higher taxes for no good reason, less workforce housing, and a dysfunctional government that sends Stamford down a self-destructive path towards decline. Just vote no!


Interfaith Council Member Southwestern CT

"As our city evolves and grows, it is increasingly important that our city government remain focused on providing for the needs of all our residents, including those who may need additional help with housing. By adding significant layers of bureaucracy and making it difficult to appoint experts to our key boards and commissions, these charter revisions would make it very difficult for the city government to remain responsive to those needs. Vote NO."


Stamford Residents

"We oppose the charter revision because it is deliberately slanted to minimize future growth and development of our city, is likely to increase the cost of government while reducing our tax base, will create inefficiencies and likely stalemates in local government by shifting power and responsibilities from the mayor to the Board of Reps, and was devised through a highly flawed process. Among the defects in that process: it minimized public input, disregarded most of the input that was provided (particularly from former mayors and public officials), is being presented to the voters as a single question that is misleading in its particulars and deprives the electorate of the opportunity to choose among the many and disparate elements of the proposal, and is being presented to the voters at a time that is likely to elicit minimal turnout."


Former Member of CT State Legislature and Former President of Board of Representatives

"I would support a NO vote on these Charter proposals. The Charter is the constitution for our city. It is both unreasonable and unfair to our citizens to ask them to vote on multiple issues as one item. That is poor policy and poor government."


Stamford Resident

"I am a Committee Member of the Stamford ADA Advisory Council. The proposed revision of the charter of the City of Stamford "include[s] recognition of diversity, equity and inclusion [DEI] as an important goal for the City" and goes downhill from there. There is no established and agreed definition of what DEI is. In other words, it means whatever the writer, i.e. the Stamford Charter Revision Commission, says it means. There would be no administrative accountability should the revision pass. JUST VOTE NO on November 7th."

  • Michael Fedele, former Republican Lieutenant Governor

  • Harry Day, former (R) Board of Representatives 

  • Cathy Ostuw, 2019 Stamford Citizen of the Year

  • Jennienne Burke, former President of the Board of Education

  • Reverend Winton Hill, Retired Pastor, Bethel A.M.E. Church

  • Reverend Dr. Robert A. Jackson, Pastor, Bethel A.M.E. Church 

  • Reverend Dr. Joseph Ford, Faith Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

  • Sandy Goldstein, former Board of Representatives President and former President of the Stamford Downtown Special Services District 

  • Michael Molgano, former State Representative for the 144th District and former Board of Representatives member

  • Joanna Gwozdziowski, 16th and 17th Charter Revision Commissioner

  • Jackie Heftman, President of the Board of Education and former Chairwoman of the Zoning Board and Urban Redevelopment Commission

  • Kathryn Emmett, former Corporation Counsel for City of Stamford

  • Conor Horrigan, Founder and Owner of Half Full Brewery and Third Place by Half Full

  • Duane Hill, former Chair Stamford Planning Board

  • Michael Cacace, Former Co-Chair 13th Charter Revision Commission

  • Michelle Abt, Board of Directors Stamford Land Conservation Trust; Indivisible Stamford Steering Committee

  • Jackie Kaiko, Indivisible Stamford Steering Committee, Women on Watch (WOW) member

  • John Louizos, former Chairman of the Board of Finance

  • Ellen Bromley, former member of the Board of Representatives; outside attorney for the 15th Charter Revision Commission

  • Noah Lapine, life-long Stamford resident

  • Steven Mueller, Stamford resident

  • Fran Pastore, Stamford resident 

  • Ellen Mellis, former member of the Board of Representatives 

  • Roslyn Nesin, former President of the Board of Education, former Administrator for Stamford Adult Education, Vice President for Learning In Retirement (LIR)

  • Joan Kranz, Women on Watch (WOW) Steering Committee

  • Ann Weiss, Women on Watch (WOW) Steering Committee

  • Maureen Gilfeather, Women on Watch (WOW) Steering Committee

  • Linda Valenzano

  • Eric Morson, Deputy Majority Leader of the Board of Representatives, District 13

  • Mary Fedeli, Minority Leader of the Board of Representatives, District 17

  • David Watkins, Board of Representatives, District 1

  • Terry Adams, Board of Representatives, District 3

  • Lindsey Miller, Board of Representatives, District 7

  • Jonathan Jacobson, Board of Representatives, District 12

  • Ramya Shaw, Board of Representatives, District 12

  • Amiel Goldberg,  Board of Representatives, District 13

  • Ashley Ley, Board of Representatives, District 20

  • Jim Grunberger, Board of Representatives, District 18

  • Bianca Shinn, Board of Representatives, District 7

  • Carl Weinberg, Board of Representatives, District 20

  • Maureen Pollack, Board of Representatives, District 11

  • Cara Gilbride, Board of Representatives District 11

  • Dan Sandford, Board of Representatives, District 14

  • Don Mays, Board of Representatives, District 19

  • David Lasnick, Stamford resident

  • Sheila Hughes, Stamford resident

  • Keith Silver, former Board of Representatives, former member Zoning Board

  • Sara Sherlock, Stamford resident

  • Barbara Czescik, Stamford native

  • Diane Holcombe, Stamford resident

  • Cathleen Donnelly, Stamford resident

  • Regan Allan, Community leader

  • Reverend Michael Hyman, Interfaith Council of Southwest CT, former President NAACP

  • Beverly Fitzgibbons, Stamford resident

  • Eric Schlameuss, Stamford resident

  • Michael Hernandez, Community leader/student

  • Brian & Terry Murphy, Stamford residents

  • Jack Condlin, former CEO & President of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce

  • Frank Steinegger, Stamford resident 

  • Walter & Cynthia Mardis, Stamford residents

  • Roger Fox, Stamford resident 

  • Cynthia L. Russell & John Keith Russell, Stamford residents 

  • Martin Levine, Stamford resident

  • Randy Skigen, former President of the Board of Representatives 

  • Marie Rocha, Stamford resident

  • Matthew Quinones, former President of the Board of Representatives

  • Carmen Domonkos, former President of the Board of Representatives

  • Mary Lou Rinaldi, former President of the Board of Representatives

  • Richard Freedman, current Chair of the Board of Finance

  • Bill McManus, former Chair of the Board of Finance 

  • Andy George, current member and former President of the Board of Education 

  • Ralph Loglisci, former Minority Leader of the Board of Representatives

  • Zareen Husain, former Parent Teacher Council President

  • Susana Vidan, former Parent Teacher Council President

  • Stephanie O'Shea, former Parent Teacher Council President

  • Candy Yeager, former Parent Teacher Council President 

  • Douglas York, Ph.D., former President of the North Stamford Neighborhood Association

  • Robin Druckman, Chair of the Stamford Democratic City Committee

  • Betsy Nagurney, Women on Watch

  • Sean Casey, People Friendly Stamford

  • Jerry Silber, People Friendly Stamford

  • Chris Dawson, People Friendly Stamford 

  • Susan Herbst & Doug Hughes, Stamford residents

  • Sewell Moore, Stamford resident

Organization names are for identification purposes only and the organizations’ stance on a particular issue should not be inferred.

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